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Junior Security Engineer

Experience Requirements:

Specialized Experience: 2 years experience with conducting network security testing. Excellent written and oral communications # Windows and Unix (particularly Solaris) OS..Linux helpful. 
MUST HAVE 2 solid years of hands on experience working with Intrusion Detections Systems (IDS)

Functional Responsibility:
Serves as an analyst on a network security team that is responsible for providing secure solutions in both legacy and distributed environments. To include:

  • Monitoring Nagios, MRTG, Internet Email, and RealSecure systems for operational and security events.
  • Follow the SOP response procedures; escalate to Senior Engineers and management, as events require.
  • Coordinate troubleshooting and problem resolution with AOUSC Network.
  • Monitoring security sensor health per the SOPs or under the direction of Senior Engineers.
  • Providing notification via email or phone, and at the direction of Senior Engineers, to court units that may have systems with virus or worm infections.
  • Monitoring the IDS and Hostmaster e-mail boxes for alerts, notifications, and other significant messages and taking appropriate action per the SOPs.  If necessary, escalating to Senior Engineers for action.   Weekend DNS requests will be supported by the Monday through Friday support staff, unless escalation is required.  Escalation procedures will be followed and on-call Unix administrator will be notified if necessary.
  • Responding to requests or inquiries from court units using scripted responses or responses as directed by Senior Engineers.
  • Initiating the AOUSC Triage Process when a hacking report is received.
  • Collecting data and statistics for incorporation into the Daily IDS and Hostmaster Significant Events Report.
  • Monitor Internet email flow for possible alters and Internet email issues.  Escalation of problem issues to on-call Senior Engineers.