CA Consulting, Inc.

Search, Staffing, and Advisory Services

CA Consulting is a quality provider of information technology consulting services to the best companies in the metropolitan Washington, DC area.  The company was formed in 1994 with the expressed goal to offer the services required to effectively transfer technology into organizations to promote efficiency, productivity, and return-on-investment.

The company believes in establishing long-term relationships with clients through the practice of high standards, honesty, and a commitment to excellence in all areas of business.  The philosophy of CA Consulting has resulted in a concerted management approach that focuses on establishing, and then maintaining, a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.

The company offers quality professional support services to clients involved in internet solutions, network engineering, systems integration, applications development, telecommunications and federal, state and local government contracting.  Our services include:

      •  Executive Search
      •  Responsive Staffing
      •  Business Development Consulting
      •  Advisory Services
      •  Training and Facilitation
      •  Market Intelligence